Environmental Health & Safety

University of Colorado Boulder

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Procotol Approval

EH&S plays a key role in the review and approval of research conducted both on this campus and in collaboration with non-University entities.

Below you will find direction for any research involving the use of animals, biologicals, human subjects, or radioactive materials. All research utilizing any of these elements must submit an application specific to each area to be reviewed by the appropriate committee. Each committee is comprised of faculty, staff, community members, and an EH&S representative. The role of each committee is to ensure that the proposed research meets all federal, state, and funding agency compliance, health, and safety requirements.

Research with Biological Materials

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

All research including biological materials must first secure authorization from the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).

IBC Information

Animal Care & Use

The regulatory arm of Animal Resources is the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and includes the University veterinarian, faculty, staff, and non-University members. This committee meets monthly. Click here for more information about the IACUC.

Research with Radiation

All research involving radioactive materials or radiation producing machines must first secure authorization from the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC). The RSC meets quarterly and reviews new research at that time. Please be aware of this when planning the timeline to begin your research. You can begin the process by contacting the Radiation Safety unit.

Research with Hazardous Chemicals

If you are planning to use Hydrogen Flouride Gas, Hydroflouric Acid, Perchloric Acid, Acidic Piranha Solutions, or Poison/Toxic Gases in your research, we ask that you notify us first.

Human Research

All research involving human participants that is conducted by CU Boulder faculty, staff, or students must receive some level of review by the Human Research Committee. Information, instructions, and downloadable forms needed to complete the review process can be found at this site. Get more information on research with human subjects.