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HazMat02Use of chemicals and hazardous materials in research at CU Boulder is overseen by the Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Unit and the Environmental Compliance and Industrial Hygiene Unit.

Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Unit

The Hazardous Materials and Waste Management (Hazmat) unit serves the CU Boulder campus community through the education, minimization, and appropriate disposal of hazardous materials. In addition, the unit manages the disposal of certified non-biohazardous wastes; manages a campus battery recycling program; operates a chemical treatment facility; assists with an acetone recycling program and an ethanol reuse program; and responds to spills of hazardous materials. Other services we provide include guidance on equipment disposal/remediation and pollution prevention and spill prevention.

Valuable, detailed guidelines pertaining to laboratory-worker health and safety practices and the management of hazardous wastes can be found in the Generators’ Guide to Hazardous Waste.  For more information please go to the helpful hazardous material links below.

Environmental Compliance and Industrial Hygiene Unit

The Environmental Compliance and Industrial Hygiene (ECIH) unit works closely with the Hazmat unit to help keep laboratories and other areas of campus that utilize hazardous materials safe and compliant.  In regards to hazardous materials and waste management, the unit provides hazardous materials and waste management training; lab safety trainings; chemical safety inspections; and maintenance of the chemical inventory system.  Links to these safety resources are provided below.

The unit also maintains numerous regulatory permits designed to protect our environment in which we live and work and supports healthy workplaces by investigating indoor air quality problems and by performing exposure assessments. More information can be found Campus Support.



Other laboratory safety and TA trainings are available upon request.

Safety Resources

Find safety data for the chemicals you have in your lab with Material Safety Data Sheets and maintain and update your chemical inventory through our Chemical Inventory Management site.

In addition to training, you can use our library of resources to stay on top of safety and compliance. You’ll find helpful reference material here including the Waste Generators’ Guide.

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