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Supporting Safe Research

Every day, meaningful research is conducted across the CU Boulder campus, much of which is conducted with dangerous materials. EH&S is proud to play an integral role in supporting the tradition of excellence in research at CU Boulder. Ensuring the health and safety of all faculty, staff, and students is our first priority. We help to maintain regulatory compliance standards required by many research funding sources. In order to help research groups at the University accomplish the most in the safest environment, EH&S has developed a three pronged approach. We offer:

  1. Training. Some safety measures and protocols are critical, therefore we offer training resources to educate all research staff. Our training program is tightly integrated into compliance, protocol approval, and waste removal systems. In many cases, you will need to attend some trainings prior to executing certain types of research. In other cases, continued upkeep of the trainings will support your ongoing compliance.
  2. Resources & Knowledge Support. Knowledge and preparation are the key to safety. In addition to trainings, we also curate a database of resource documentation on our website. This documentation is supplied to support all research staff in safety and compliance.
  3. Material Support. Potentially unsafe materials in the lab require disposal. We provide many types of disposal support for a wide variety of related materials. Find more information in the sections pertaining to each material group: biological materials, chemical and hazardous materials, and radioactive materials.

What’s in your laboratory?

Dependent on the materials required for research in your laboratory, different trainings, resource documents, and storage/disposal protocols will apply to you.

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