Environmental Health & Safety

University of Colorado Boulder

Campus Support

Facility Operations

Asbestos Management

EH&S uses a online asbestos material management system (MMS) to track and manage asbestos containing materials (ACM) on campus. This system is a comprehensive solution to building-wide asbestos management. We work with project managers, industrial hygiene firms, and abatement contractors to track the location and removal of ACM. Many other roles on campus find this database useful in helping manage ACM.

Occupational/Worker Safety


EH&S provides occupational training to better facilitate a safe work environment, as well as meet various regulations. Visit the Training page to find occupational offerings.

Asbestos and Lead Training

We offer asbestos-related training and documentation for in-house maintenance and custodial staff as part of our Asbestos O&M Program.

Further information about this can be found in the Asbestos O&M Program document.

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Compliance & Safety Guidelines

Confined Space Entry

Confined spaces have the potential to be immediately dangerous to life and health due to hazardous atmospheres, the possibility of engulfment or entrapment, or other safety hazards. Examples of confined spaces at CU Boulder include, but are not limited to: steam tunnels, electrical vaults, manholes, sumps, crawl spaces, attics, tanks, air plenums, and certain mechanical rooms.

Respiratory Protection Program

Before respirators can be worn, employees must be enrolled in the University of Colorado Respiratory Protection program. All CU Boulder employees enrolled in the University’s O&M Program and Respiratory Protection Program must come in to have a fit test conducted prior to respirator use. Additional fit tests are required annually at a minimum and on an as needed basis if required. We provide respiratory protection training and fit testing at no cost to the employee or department.

Occupational Noise Exposure