Environmental Health & Safety

University of Colorado Boulder


Chemical Safety and Laboratory Compliance

The Chemical Safety and Laboratory Compliance group (“Chem Safety” for short) is committed to providing ongoing support for campus and its researchers to ensure that all labs and facilities throughout campus meet all regulatory requirements while minimizing the impact that new or changing regulations might have on labs.  We work with labs to ensure they can operate in the most safe and efficient way possible.

In our thriving and leading edge research university, we see every variation of chemical get used and have to account for the significant amount of hazards that come with it.  Chem Safety works to ensure that all of these hazardous materials can be accounted for, and that they get safely stored and used by all research and facility members.  We also help the facilities properly accumulate the hazardous waste that is generated from these activicites, and make sure it meets the requirements and regulations for its eventual disposal through our Hazardous Waste Management group.

We support safe and compliant workplaces by offering numerous workplace safety trainings, lab safety training, hazardous waste generator training, chemical safety inspections and maintenance of the chemical inventory system.  Our resources and services are aimed at helping researchers maintain the highest level of both knowledge and safety.

Services provided by the Chem Safety group include:

  • Safe storage of chemicals and gas cylinders
  • Assist facilities to stay compliant with all federal and state regulations
  • Chemical inventory management
  • Facility inspections
  • Laboratory safety and design requirements
  • Lab Safety Training
  • Hazardous material/waste training
  • Standard operating procedures for highly dangerous chemicals
  • Experimental protocol reviews
  • Mercury thermometer exchange program
  • Emergency shower and eyewash testing
  • Fume Hood Testing

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