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New Lab Management and Safety Compliance Application is now LIVE!

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is excited to announce that it will be implementing BioRAFT to make lab management for chemical, biological, and radiological safety compliance easier and more user-friendly.

BioRAFT is a centralized, web-based platform for EH&S and CU Boulder’s research communities to manage laboratory training, inspections, equipment, hazards and much more. This new tool empowers researchers to have better visibility into their safety and compliance status while enabling EH&S personnel to more efficiently manage safety information.

After a successful pilot session of BioRAFT with select labs over the winter of 2018/2019, the full implementation of BioRAFT across campus is now LIVE!!

As regulatory agencies have continued to increase requirements and scrutiny of campus research activities, it has become critical that we manage safety and compliance programs within labs in a more efficient manner. EH&S continually aims to reduce the administrative burden on our researchers in order to minimize disruptions to research activities.

“We believe BioRAFT will make it as easy and efficient as possible for every research facility to be both safe and compliant with regulations,” said EH&S Director Brandon Boger. “We feel that BioRAFT will be instrumental in centralizing and streamlining the processes involved in nurturing a culture of safety, allowing researchers to devote more time to their work”

EH&S will provide further updates as the rollout occurs. In the meantime, researchers are encouraged to explore the BioRAFT links below to learn more about the platform. If you have questions about BioRAFT, please contact Environmental Health & Safety (ehs@colorado.edu).

BioRAFT Resources:

Video: http://www.bioraft.com/company/what-we-do

Modules: https://www.bioraft.com/bioraft-modules

Link To BioRAFT: https://colorado.bioraft.com/