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All projects on the CU-Boulder campus are coordinated through Facilities Management. We work with Facilities Management to communicate safety concerns with contractors though our Environmental Compliance Document (ECD). This document details the hazards within the work area contractors might encounter during the project.  Hazards include but are not limited to asbestos and lead containing materials, chemicals, lasers, and bi-hazards.  Our goal is to provide guidance to Facilities Management so campus projects can be accomplished within required environmental and campus regulations.

Contractors working on campus are responsible to follow all  EPA, CDPHE, and OSHA regulations and are responsible to both protect their workers and not expose the campus community to hazardous materials.  In addition to these regulations, we have developed a guidance documents tailored to unique campus situations.  We make sure that the project interacts with our campus in a way ensures the safety of our campus community.

Asbestos and Contractors

An inspection for the presence of asbestos, lead, or other regulated building materials is required prior to any demolition, renovation, or maintenance activity. Contractors who will impact ACM must follow campus policies and procedures and have appropriate training to maintain regulatory compliance.

Additional asbestos and lead related resources can be found on the Resources page.

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